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Filing ID: 4298838
Docket Number: RPU-2020-0001
Docket Title: Water Rate Increase
Docket Description:
Docket Notes:
Filing Title: Compliance Filing
Submitter Name: Sheila Tipton
Submitting Parties:
Date Filed: 09/23/2021 04:28 PM
Initial Filing: No

6 Documents Available For Viewing
ID Filename Document Title Document Type Viewable Status
View 2072274 IA Revised COSS-Workpaper.xlsx COSS - Workpaper Workpapers External
View 2072275 IAWC Revised Final Revenue Exhibit.xlsx Final Revenue Exhibit Revised Exhibits External
View 2072273 IAWC Final Tariff Revisions - REVISED.pdf Final Tariff Revision - Clean Tariff External
View 2072272 IAWC Final Tariff Revisions - REDLINE.pdf Final Tariff Revision - Redline Tariff External
View 2072276 2nd Revised IAWC Simmons Direct Exhibit 6 - Non Recurring Revenue and Exp.xlsx Simmons Direct Exhibit 6 - Non Recurring Revenue and Expense Exhibits External
View 2072301 RPU-2020-0001 IAW Transmittal.pdf Transmittal Letter Correspondence External