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Filing ID: 4213149
Docket Number: P-0831
Docket Title: Dubuque to Davenport, Clinton, Dubuque, Jackson, and Scott Counties, Iowa
Docket Description:
Docket Notes: Permit No. R2104, Permit No. 1180 f/k/a Iowa-Illinois
Filing Title: Official Notice
Submitter Name: Iowa Utilities Board
Submitting Parties:
Iowa Utilities Board
Date Filed: 07/09/2021 10:23 AM
Initial Filing: No

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View 2064725 P-0831 Renewal Notice Cover Letter.pdf Cover Letter Correspondence External
View 2064724 P-0831 - Exhibit A.pdf Exhibit A Correspondence External
View 2064726 P-0831-Official Notice.pdf Official Notice Correspondence External