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Filing ID: 4043996
Docket Number: HLP-2014-0001
Docket Title: Dakota Access, LLC
Docket Description: Hazardous Liquid Pipeline
Docket Notes:
Filing Title: Response to Board Order Requesting Additional Information
Submitter Name: Bret A Dublinske
Submitting Parties:
Dakota Access, LLC
Date Filed: 02/12/2020 03:26 PM
Initial Filing: No

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View 2018427 IUB Cert of Service.pdf Certificate of Service Correspondence External
View 2018426 DAPL - IUB Transmittal Ltr.pdf Cover Letter Correspondence External
View 2018429 Bidmus, Bednorz, Godfrey CV.pdf DAPL Bidmus, Bednorz, Godfrey Curriculum Vitae Exhibits External
View 2018431 Affidavit of Dr. Hamid Bidmus, Michael Bednorz, John Godfrey.pdf DAPL Bidmus, Bednorz, Godfrey Testimony Testimony External
View 2018428 Exhibit K.pdf DAPL Exhibit K Exhibits External
View 2018430 Affidavit of John Godfrey.pdf DAPL Godfrey Testimony Testimony External