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Filing ID: 2891743
Docket Number: NOI-2014-0001
Docket Title: Distributed Generation
Docket Description: Inquiry into Technical, Legal, and Policy Related to Distributed Generation
Docket Notes: Blast to All Electric, Gas and Renewables, Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities, Iowa Association of Electric Cooperative and Iowa Utilities Association
Filing Title: Net Billing Pilot Tariff
Submitter Name: Arielle Silver Karsh
Submitting Parties:
Interstate Power and Light Company
Date Filed: 09/01/2016 09:08 AM
Initial Filing: No

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ID Filename Document Title Document Type Viewable Status
View 1604764 Net Billing Pilot Tariff.pdf Cover Letter and Interpetation Correspondence External
View 1604765 Electric Tariff.pdf Electric Tariff Tariff External
View 1604766 Electric Tariff_Redlined.pdf Electric Tariff - Redlined Tariff External