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Filing ID: 2771472
Docket Number: HLP-2014-0001
Docket Title: Dakota Access, LLC
Docket Description: Hazardous Liquid Pipeline
Docket Notes:
Filing Title: Additional Response to Third Staff Review Letter
Submitter Name: Bret A Dublinske
Submitting Parties:
Dakota Access, LLC
Date Filed: 08/21/2015 03:49 PM
Initial Filing: No

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View 846296 11x17 3rd Stafff Review_Page 11.pdf Exhibit B, Page 11 Revised Amendments External
View 846297 11x17 3rd Stafff Review_Page 17.pdf Exhibit B, Page 17 Revised Amendments External
View 846298 11x17 3rd Stafff Review_Page 18.pdf Exhibit B, Page 18 Revised Amendments External
View 846299 11x17 3rd Stafff Review_Page 19.pdf Exhibit B, Page 19 Revised Amendments External
View 846300 Transmittal Letter.pdf Transmittal Letter for Additional Response to Third Staff Review Letter Correspondence External