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Filing ID: 2738006
Docket Number: NOI-2014-0001
Docket Title: Distributed Generation
Docket Description: Inquiry into Technical, Legal, and Policy Related to Distributed Generation
Docket Notes: Blast to All Electric, Gas and Renewables, Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities, Iowa Association of Electric Cooperative and Iowa Utilities Association
Filing Title: Additional Comments
Submitter Name: Amanda Ann James
Submitting Parties:
Iowa Association of Electric Cooperative
Date Filed: 06/15/2015 02:20 PM
Initial Filing: No

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View 539848 IAEC Comments 6-15-15 (00425822xA2767).pdf Additional Comments Statements of Position, Comments External
View 539851 Transmittal for IAEC's Additional Comments (00425764xA2767).pdf Transmittal Letter Correspondence External