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Docket Number: EEP-2018-0003 - Approval of Customer Notice for Energy Efficiency Plan
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Name Contact Method Email Address Phone
Alene Rickels Email rrickels56@gmail.com
Alexandra Jennetten Email alexandra.tatge@gmail.com
Allison Brundy Email afbrundy7910@gmail.com
Allison Castle Email ajcastle@hotmail.com
Amanda Ueltschy-Badillo Email amanda.ueltschy@gmail.com
Amy Lewman Email loulew28@yahoo.com
Andrew C. Hanson Email ahanson@perkinscole.com (608) 663-7498
Andrew C. Hanson Email ahanson@perkinscoie.com (608) 663-7498
Angela Bries Email abries@co.howard.ia.us
Angie Berhow Email angie@1sourcesolar.com
Anita Heykants Email afheyka@hotmail.com
Annick Sjobakken Email annick.sjobakken@gmail.com
Annika Brink Email abrink@nhtinc.org (202) 333-8931
Arielle Silver Karsh Email ariellesilverkarsh@alliantenergy.com (608) 458-9188
Arliss Kelsey Email kelsey@prairieinet.net
Ava Auen-Ryan Email ava@iowacci.org
Barb Woodsmall Email morn2star@aol.com
Barbara Beaumont Email bgbeaumont@gmail.com
Barbara Minear Email barbaraminear@msn.com
Benjamin Allen Email benjaminwilliamallen@me.com
Benjamin M. Clark Email bmclark@midamerican.com (515) 252-6762
Bernardo Alayza Mujica Email beralmu@hotmail.com
Bob Dodds Email redodds@iastate.edu
Brandi McCauley Email mccauleyf@mchsi.com
Brandon Glenn Email Brandon.glenn@gmail.com
Briar Conrey Email briar@conrey.org
Carole Conno Email connet108@gmail.com
Caroline Maier Email sue_gigi@msn.com
Carolyn Uhlenhake Walker Email carolynruw@gmail.com
Cat Rocketship Email cat@iowacci.org
Charlene Ferguson Email caferguson@lvcta.com
Charlene Lange Email charlenelange@mediacombb.net
Charles Collins Email cscollins@q.com
Clare Smith-Larson Email claresl90@gmail.com
Connie Kintzle Email conniekintzle@yahoo.com
Cornelia Flora Email cflora@iastate.edu
David Damstrom Email skygak@hotmail.com
David Eash Email deash@southslope.net
David Lynch Email david.lynch@brownwinick.com 5152422417
David Manning Email bluestem@bernardtel.com
David Tucker Email dwtdds@msn.com
Dean DePree Email deandepree@gmail.com
Deborah Batey Email bateydeb@hotmail.com
Dennis R. Dowell Email drdowell@mchsi.com
Deverie Kiedaisch Email devkiedaisch@mac.com
Diana Sickles Email dsickles4@gmail.com
Diane Pierce Email dcf.pierce@gmail.com
Diane Schwarz Email dschwarz569@gmail.com
Dick Clark Email clarkrl@q.com
Dolores Moes Email smdmoes@dubuquepresentations.org
Don Langstaff Email donlangstaff@gmail.com
Donna Schwartz Email schwartzdonnaiowa73@icloud.com
Doug Rieder Email dougrieder@raccoonvalleyradio.com
Dylan Holdsworth Email dylan@1sourcesolar.com
Edith Jacobsen Email jacobsed@luther.edu
Elizabeth Ahrens Email ahrensbeth@gmail.com
Elizabeth Audas Email ronnee123@gmail.com
Elizabeth Hamilton Email sea.elizabeth@gmail.com
Elizabeth Watts Email elizabeth.watts@verizon.net
Eric Hoegger Email Eric_Hoegger@cargill.com
Eugene Kutsch Email dbqkutsch@dbqarch.org
Frank Belcastro Email fpbelcast@gmail.com
Frieda Bequeaith Email frieda.bequeaith@gmail.com
Gale Koch Email gale-koch@uiowa.edu
Gary Sanborn Email soundborn@yahoo.com
Gay Mikelson Email gay-mikelson@uiowa.edu
Gayle Blue Email queen_b5645@yahoo.com
Haley Van Loon Email haley.vanloon@brownwinick.com 5152422422
Heath Hancock Email heathh_2k4@hotmail.com
Helen Goldstein Email goldsteinh@live.com
Helena Mica Email helena.mica@gmail.com
Hillary Maurer Email maurerh60@gmail.com
Holly Kukkonen Email hakukkonen@gmail.com
Hurd Hess Email hurdhess43@hotmail.com
Isabelle Levi Email ilevi@mum.edu
Jake Chapman Email jake.chapman@legis.iowa.gov
James Martin-Schramm Email marschja@luther.edu 5633871251
Jamie Wilkens Email loebigjamie@gmail.com
Jan Mitchell Email janmitchellus@yahoo.com
Janet Romine Email odeesden@gmail.com
Jean McMaken Email iowajem@hotmail.com
Jean Perri Email jmdperri@gmail.com
Jeane Harrison Email jlhggy@gmail.com
Jeff Iles Email iles@iastate.edu
Jesse Bernhardt Email berndogg1@hotmail.com
Jill Majeres Email majeresj@hirshindustries.com
Jim and Barbara Dale Email nonrev909@neitel.net
Jim Dunlap Email webmaker02@gmail.com
Jim Rock Email jimrockames@yahoo.com
Joan Carlisle Email pearlst@sbcglobal.net
Joel Wormley Email wamduda@yahoo.com
John Cook Email johnbcook@mac.com
John McClelland Email mcclelland.john7@gmail.com
John Moellers Email john.moellers@gmail.com
Joseph Luchman Email jluchman@gmail.com
Joseph Wyse Email wyse888@me.com
Josephine O'Donnell Email jodiod@aol.com
Joshua Johnson Email jjohnson@cityofoelwein.org
Joshua Mandelbaum Email jmandelbaum@elpc.org 5152420253
Julia Rendon Email juliatrendon@gmail.com
June Oliver Email juneoliver88@gmail.com
Karen Phelps Email kphelps@bentoncountyparks.com
Kathy Fryslie Email mkfryslie@gmail.com
Kelly Heroix Email k.m.heroux@hotmail.com
Kevin Wendt Email kwent48@yahoo.com
Kristen Nelson Email dknelsonclan@gmail.com
Kristen Weaverling Email kristenweaverling@gmail.com
Kristi Harris Email kjmharris@msn.com
Kristin Erickson Email kristin.erickson55@gmail.com
L. Darrel Wrider Email darrelwrider@yahoo.com
Larry Bower Email larry.bower@yahoo.com
Laura Zimmerman Email llzhusky@yahoo.com
Lauren Barron Email somberdream2@aol.com
Leon Jolin Email 4ph4137@gmail.com
Lily Jensen Email lillyajensen@gmail.com
Linda Fitzgerald Email lmf50614@hotmail.com
Lisa Kulemin Email noctovet@aol.com
Lissa Koop Email lissakoop@alliantenergy.com 6084585759
Lori Mannel Email lmannel@iastate.edu
Lyndon Haselhuhn Email lyndonhaselhuhn@gmail.com
Lynn Gallagher Email lynngall726@gmail.com
Lynn Herndon Email lherndon@nyemaster.com 5152838191
M.G. Pappaducas Email mpappaducas@itagroup.com
Mandy Newton Rosenow Email mnewtonrosenow@gmail.com
Margaret Weiner Email meyweiner@gmail.com
Margaret Whiting Email mwhitingbookart@hotmail.com
Marge Staudt Email staudtmg@osfdbq.org
Margo Vanderhill Email margo@midlands.net
Marian Klostermann Email klostermannm@osfdbq.org
Marilyn Hawthorn Email mishacleo@msn.com
Mark Anderson Email mmja12009@hotmail.com
Mark Forester Email fmarkbis@aol.com
Martha Norbeck Email martha_norbeck@hotmail.com
Mary Ann Dorsett Email godloves1225@msn.com
Mary Ortner Email mary.ortner@gmail.com
Melissa Sarlat Email mjoy7490@hotmail.com
Melody Smith Email melsmith8@msn.com
Micahel Greiveldinger Email michaelgreiveldinger@alliantenergy.com 6088078893
Michael Gabriel Rowberry Email Mrowberry@patricksodorolaw.com (402) 504-9346
Michael Lazere Email mlazere@gmail.com
Monica Hedges Email monicalh@netins.net
Nancy Obermueller Email nobermueller@gmail.com
Nancy Thompson Email nthompson100@hotmail.com
Natalie Pohlman Email shado_grl@yahoo.com
OCA Service Email ocaservice@oca.iowa.gov 5555555555
Pamela Olerich Email polerich@co.greene.ia.us
Patrick Bosold Email bosolds@lisco.com
Patsy Martinson Email patsy.martinson@gmail.com
Peggy Leonardo Email leonardo.peggy@gmail.com
Penelope Mazza Email cyber_soiree@yahoo.com
Penni Wells Email Penni72@outlook.com
Ranard Norbert Email nj.ranard@gmail.com
Raymond Harrelson Email browser@huxcomm.net
Rebecca Klemme Eliceiri Email rebecca@thinkprayact.org
Renee Seward Email nscrenee@hotmail.com
Richard Baker Email dick-baker@uiowa.edu
Richard Fischer Email gwyllum@bernardtel.com
Richard Gruhl Email gruhlr165@gmail.com
Robert Ashman Email rfashman@gmail.com
Robert Blankenship Email bobb108108@gmail.com
Robert Kelter Email rkelter@elpc.org (312) 795-3734
Robert Railey Email raileyrl@msn.com
Roberta Shadensack Email rshadenk@hotmail.com
Ron Lenth Email lenths@trx.net
Rosalie Shultz Email rosalieshultz@gmail.com
Russell Ver Ploeg Email rvp@verploegarch.com
Sandra Dixon Email sandycdixon@gmail.com
Shari Hawk Email sharihawk@hotmail.com
Stephen Balderson Email cc4915@hotmail.com
Steve Edwards Email edwardsknoxville@gmail.com
Steve Gude Email smgude@gmail.com
Steve Lindner Email cdadmin@gmtel.net
Steven Hunt Email floyed5157@gmail.com
Steven Wilkens Email wilkens.steve@gmail.com
Susan Benner Email golondrina89@hotmail.com
Sybil Finken Email sybilrae@gmail.com
Taylor Sickels Email tsickels@iastate.edu
Terry Lowman Email terryLeeLowman@gmail.com
Tim Wagner Email twagner@huffmansfarmandhome.com
Virginia Folsom Email vifolsom6900heidelberg@gmail.com
Wendy Ohloff Email wohloff@gmail.com
William Eddy Email wje@lisco.com
William Vance Email wvancebbf@hotmail.com
Wilmer Rettenmeier Email bretten@yousq.net
Zita Cashin Email zi4ta@heartofiowa.net