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Docket Number: RMU-2020-0028 - Rule Making for Location and Construction of Renewable Electric Power Generating Facilities and Storage Facilities [199 IAC Chapter 28]
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Abby L Watson Email Abby.watson@siemensgamesa.com (215) 375-4894
Abigail Maas Email abigailmaasiacounty@gmail.com
Adam Parsons Email hackmatt@louisacomm.net
Adam Ramsey Email a.ramsey@clarkecountyiowa.org
Adam Sokolski Email adam.sokolski@edf-re.com (858) 294-8142
Ainsley Brenneman Email ainsleyrae92@hotmail.com
Aj Stone Email aj.stone@worthcounty.org
Alan Ostergren Email aostergren@co.muscatine.ia.us
Alan Paul Email alandpaul@netscape.net (000) 000-0000
Alan Wilson Email mileslaw@grm.net
Alex Zimmerman Email zim15ac@gmail.com
Alice Ann Roghair Email aroghair@royaltelco.net (712) 933-2465
Alice Roghair Email aliceroghair@gmail.com
Alicia Feldhacker Email alicia_feldhacker@yahoo.com
Amanda Ann James Email ajames@sullivan-ward.com (515) 247-4712
Amanda Clubb Email Amanda@BurgInsuranceAgency.com
Amanda Davis Email lovecrestoncr@gmail.com (000) 000-0000
Amanda Girouard Email deercreekacres@gmail.com
Amanda Johnson Email panda1257@aol.com
Amy Coe Email amyc@osagecpa.com
Amy Monopoli Email amonopoli@itctransco.com (774) 452-4227
Amy Terhaar Email amyt.np@mail.com
Amy Zenor Email azenor@co.dickinson.ia.us
Ananda Van Den Bos Email anandahensley@hotmail.com
Andrea Braccialarghe Email a.braccialarghe@buildingenergy.it
Andrew D. Cardon Email andrewcardon@alliantenergy.com (319) 786-4236
Andrew Knuth Email acattorney@adamscountyia.com
Andrew L Magner Email almagner@midamerican.com (515) 281-2376
Andrew Laubenthal Email laubenthal@gmail.com
Andrew Ritland Email ritland@mahaskacounty.org
Andrew VanDerMaaten Email avandermaaten@co.winneshiek.ia.us
Angela Monthei Email drangiem@gmail.com
Angela Wright Email wrightranchandrescue@yahoo.com (000) 000-0000
Angelita Garth Email drgarth@scbglobal.net
Anita Smuck Email anitadsmuck@hotmail.com
Anna Baxter Email anna.cbaxter1@hotmail.com
Annie Bookman Email annie.brenneman@gmail.com
Anthony Gericke Email agericke@co.allamakee.ia.us
Arlyn Van Zante Email arlvanz@netins.net
August Heismann Email gov2@heismann.net
Barb Rohwer Email brohwer@obriencounty.org
Barbara Disterhoft Email kbdister@windstream.net
Barbara Mclaughlin Email barb.mclaugh2@gmail.com
Barrie Judge Email bljudge@hotmail.com
Barry Mcgahuey Email barrymcgahuey2317@gmail.com
Bart Klaver Email Klaver_coatty@poweshiekcounty.org
Becky Romatoski Email hockeyromo@gmail.com
Becky Sloth Email sloth198137@gmail.com
Ben Smith Email saccoaty@saccounty.org
Benjamin Peck Email binford@kctc.net
Bertha Mathis Email berthamathis@yahoo.com (712) 298-1762
Bertha Mathis Email berthamathis@yahoo.com (712) 298-1762
Bertha Solomon-Mathis Email berthamathis@yahoo.com (712) 298-1762
Beth Hunsberger Email bhunsberger@gmail.com
Beth Stene Email bstene@rpmaccess.com (641) 588-3730
Bethany Murphey Email Auditor@Taylorcountyiowa.org
Betsy Fickel Email whinwoof@msn.com
Betty Getzfred Email bgetzfred@gmail.com
Blake Lauffler Email bl460393@gmail.com (000) 000-0000
Blake Norman Email bnorman@hancocklaw-ia.com
Bob Koczela Email bobkoczela@gmail.com
Bonnie Riepe Email briepe@iowatelecom.net
Brad Petersen Email bpete0609@yahoo.com
Brad Sherman Email sherm@getpurpose.org
Brandon Shelton Email cclucascountyiowa@gmail.com
Brandt Brenneman Email brandtbrenneman@gmail.com
Brenna Bird Email attorney@guthriecounty.org
Brent Heeren Email bheeren@tca.tamacountyiowa.gov
Brent Symens Email pseidel@co.franklin.ia.us
Bret A Dublinske Email bdublinske@fredlaw.com (515) 242-8941
Brett Terhaar Email 2frontiervet@gmail.com
Brian And Molly Klocke Email mollyklocke@gmail.com
Brian Brenneman Email brian.e.brenneman@gmail.com
Brian Selinger Email brian.selinger@iowa.eda.com
Brian Williams Email Bwilliams@co.black-hawk.ia.us
Bridgette Guengerich Email bridgette.s.brenneman@gmail.com
Brittany Coleman Email Brittany.Coleman@nee.com
Brock Brenneman Email brockbrenneman.bb@gmail.com
Bryn Pangburn Email northstarbryn@gmail.com
Caden Berry Email cadenlberry@gmail.com
Caitlin Knutson Email cknutson@alumni.iastate.edu
Cara Jack Email cnjack@netins.net
Carl Roberts Email ncianotiller@hotmail.com
Carl Sonksen Email pagecoatt@mediacombb.net
Carlyle Dalen Email cdalen@cgcounty.org
Carol Honnold Email clhonnold@hotmail.com
Caroline and Rustin Larson Email mayapple108@gmail.com
Carrie Jones Email medusasue@yahoo.com (000) 000-0000
Carrie March Email cam4207@yahoo.com
Catherine Lucas Email lucas@dps.state.ia.us
Catherine Tokheim Email catherinetokheim2@gmail.com
Cathy Simon Email casimon@hughes.net
Chad Ide Email chadide@hotmail.com
Chad Sickles Email chad.sickles@gmail.com
Charles M Legler Email bdlegler74@gmail.com
Chauncey Moulding Email chaunceym@jeffersoncoia.us
Chaz T Allen Email callen@iowautility.org (515) 282-2115
Chris Schnell Email cschnell@netins.net
Christina Crew Email Boeckc@uni.edu
Christina Hanson Email christiehanson89@gmail.com
Christina L Gruenhagen Email cgruenhagen@ifbf.org (515) 225-5528
Christine Huston Email chuston@blattnercompany.com
Christine Jensen Email jensen2494@yahoo.com
Christopher August Mugge Email chris.mugge@edpr.com (712) 832-3143
Christopher Derr Email Christopher.Derr@nee.com
Christopher Ganger Email kipganger@yahoo.com
Christopher Healy Email khealy108@hotmail.com
Chuck Schmitt, SSAB Americas Email katie.larson@ssab.com (571) 217-4657
Chuck Sinnard Email chuck.sinnard@dallascountyiowa.gov
Cindy Kruthoff Email cskruthoff@hotmail.com
CJ May III Email CJ.May@DubuqueCounty.us
Clark E. Thompson Email cethompson@iowatelecom.net (515) 733-2949
Claudia Royal Email m6c317dr836@hotmail.com
Clinton Spurrier Email attorney@taylorcountyiowa.org
Colin Cox Email cox.coling@gmail.com
Colin Johnson Email colin.johnson@crawfordca.org
Connie Lauffer Email cklauffer@hotmail.com
Curt Groen Email curtgroen@gmail.com
Cynthia Carter Email cynthcarter@aol.com
Daina Mckeever Email dainamckvr4@gmail.com
Dale Opheim Email opheimd@yahoo.com (712) 260-3241
Dallas Hakeman Email hakemandl@gmail.com
Dan Coe Email hutzel_amy@yahoo.com
Dan Feistner Email deistner@pocahontascoia.us
Dana Shaull Email drshaull@netins.net
Daniel Carnahan Email carnco@partnercom.net
Daniel Evans Email devans@iowautility.org
Daniel Kolacia Email dkolacia@boonecounty.iowa.gov
Daniel Lutal Email dlutat@iowalakes.edu
Danielle Shelley Email danielle.shelley@yahoo.com
Danny Hansen Email michael.hansen@nee.com
Darin Raymond Email draymond@co.plymouth.ia.us
Darin Stater Email coattorney@henrycountyiowa.us
Darlys Miller Email bige@midlands.net
Darrel Wenzel Email dwenzel@waverlyutilities.com
Darrell Meyer Email dmeyer@hardincountyia.gov
Darrell Meyer Email dmeyer@hardincountyia.gov
Darren Driscoll Email Darren.Driscoll@webstercountyia.org
Daryl Blythe Email dcblythe13@gmail.com
Daryl Blythe Email ddblythe13@gmail.com
Daryl Blythe Email dd.blythe13@gmail.com
Dave C Email SCrice808@aol.com
Dave Meier Email dave.meier@iowa80group.com
Dave Wanamaker Email davethecape@gmail.com
Dave Wiebke Email dabba@midlands.net
David and Shelley Marsh Email sdmarsh@coonvalleytelco.com
David Ballou Email david.ballou@gmail.com
David Emmert Email demmert79@yahoo.com
David Hughes Email devildognursedavid@gmail.com
David J Lynch Email david.lynch@brownwinick.com (515) 242-2417
David Luckinbill Email david.luckinbill@gmail.com
David Marsh Email sdmarsh@coonvalleytelco.com (000) 000-0000
David Marsh Email shelleymarsh58@gmail.com (000) 000-0000
David Morford Email morfordfarms@gmail.com
David Ockenfels Email daveo@netins.net
David Thompson Email dthompson@co.benton.ia.us
David Weber Email dajawe22@hotmail.com
Dean Gunderson Email dkgunder@ncn.net
Delores Lickteig Email ddlickteig2@yahoo.com (000) 000-0000
Denise Leubka Address (000) 000-0000
Denise Matthes Email denisematthes90@gmail.com
Dennis Busta Email dbusta242@gmail.com
Dennis Eckles Email lineckles@yahoo.com
Dennis Lee Puckett Email dpuckett@sullivan-ward.com (515) 247-4710
Dennis Roberts Email robertsd@netins.net
Dennis Youngkin Email mollyandus@hotmail.com
Dennis Youngkin Email mollyandus@hotmail.com (000) 000-0000
Devin Quinn Email daguerreo.observatory@tutanota.com
Dianna Whiting-Newkirk Email newkirk@iowatelecom.net
Dominic Anania Email dominic.anania@polkcountyiowa.gov (515) 286-3737
Don Besch Email frolin123@hotmail.com
Donna Nall Email nalltronics@live.com (000) 000-0000
Dorene Francis Email dorenefrancis@gmail.com
Dorenne Hansen Email dhansen078@gmail.com
Doug Eichholz Email douge@warrencountyia.org
Doug Sorensen Email far_rider@gliddenwildblue.com
Dr Joseph Boxerman Email drjmec@yahoo.com
Drew Kamp Email drew@ameschamber.com
Drew Swanson Email drew@swansonlawredoak.com
Dustin Miller Email dmiller@nyemaster.com (515) 883-0925
Earl Canfield Email canfieldfarms@dunkerton.net
Earl Hackley Email eehackley@yahoo.com
Ed Bull Email ebull@co.marion.ia.us
Ed Tormey Email Ed.Tormey@dnr.iowa.gov
Edward G. Parker Email eparker@ifbf.org (515) 226-6226
Edward Lewis Email eddielewis003@hotmail.com
Einar And Mary Cathryn Olsen Email fountains108@gmail.com
Eldon Frye Email horseshorbbq8848@gmail.com
Emelia Sautter Email emelia@irenew.org
Emily Chambers Email foggiamle@hotmail.com
Emily Lewis Email emannlewis12@gmail.com
Eric Durbin Email eadurbin@gmail.com
Eric Simonson Email wrightassistant@hotmail.com
Erika Allen Email erika.allen@gccourthouse.org
Erin Madsen Email erin.a.madsen@gmail.com
Erin Miller Email sylvesmiller@yahoo.com
Ethan Robert Hohenadel Email ehohenadel@iowarec.org (515) 276-5350
Ethel Doehrmann Email ethdoe1@yahoo.com
Francine Ide Email francine_ide@hotmail.com
Fred Oehlerking Email foehlerkin@aol.com
Gene Leerberg Email jayne.leerberg@gmail.com
George Wood Email gwtpi17@gmail.com
Gerald Hanson Email gnvhanson@netins.net
Glen Fredrickson Email 1578fred@gmail.com
Glen Roghair Email gljan@smunet.net
Gordon Doehrmann Email ethdoe1@yahoo.com
Grace Matthews Email gmatth2803@aol.com
Graham De Freitas Email graydefray@yahoo.com
Grant Klever Email gklever@newcoop.com
Grayling Stayner Email stayner@me.com
Greg Lievens Email glievens@butlercoiowa.org
Gregory Happel Email bshemyshua@gmail.com
Gretchen Mcgahuey Email gretchen1020@hotmail.com
Gwynn Christiansen Email zeislerh46@aol.com
H Craig Miller Email vbcoatty@netins.net
Haley Bontrager Email haleydbontrager@gmail.com
Haley R Van Loon Email vanloon@brownwinick.com (515) 242-2422
Harold Joseph Email karenjoseph41@gmail.com
Hartford Jackson Email jackson5@iowatelecom.net
Heather Ganger Email heather.stoltzfus@gmail.com
Heather Mcdonald Email heathermcd09@gmail.com
Heather Stancil Email theredhead@protonmail.com
Hilah Owen Email hilahowen@gmail.com
Hilary Clark Email hclark@awea.org (202) 215-9588
Ian McConeghey Email mocoatt@mononacounty.org
Iowa Building Trades Unions Email wm.gerhard@gmail.com (515) 270-6961
Isaac Knutson Email isaacknutson@hotmail.com
IUA Staff Email iuastaff@iowautility.org
J. Marc Knupp Email maknupp@gmail.com
Jack Seward Jr. Email jseward@co.washington.ia.us
Jacob Conner Email conneronline@gmail.com
Jacob Stahl Email jacob-stahl@hotmail.com
Jake Brown Email brownfarms@yourstarnet.net
Jake Kruzic Email jakekruzic@gmail.com
Jake Wiseman Email jake.wiseman@avangird.com
James Anderson Email jimand7@gmail.com
James Beyer Email beyersbog@aol.com (515) 231-0215
James Dahlke Email jddahlke@gmail.com
James Graham Email jmsg07@gmail.com
James Johnson Email jockamo09@gmail.com
James Offenbacker Email jimoffenbacker@yahoo.com
James Paulino Email James.S.Paulino@nee.com
James Rosenmeyer Email jar@ncn.net
James Rotert Email jamesrotert@gmail.com
Jan Clark Email jan.az.clark@gmail.com
Jana Teachout Email jdteachout1418@gmail.com
Janalee Caviness Email mmwind@netzero.com (641) 743-8226
Jane Brown Email jrjbrown@rvtc.net
Jane Stimson Email popp4@iamotelephone.com
Jane Stimson Email popp4@iamotelephone.com (000) 000-0000
Janet Lyness Email jlyness@co.johnson.ia.us
Janet Tidman Email jetidman@netins.net
Janey Stahl Email janeystahl@gmail.com
Janice Roghair Email gljan@smunet.net
Janice Rusch Email jkrusch@hotmail.com
Janine Nelson Email nenerbuns@hotmail.com (000) 000-0000
Janna Swanson Email swanfarm@ncn.net (000) 000-0000
Jasanna Czellar Email dailydealsjc1@gmail.com
Jason Albright Email jba428@yahoo.com
Jason Weber Email jdw001@hotmail.com
Jay L Uthoff Email uthoffja@luther.edu (563) 387-1012
Jay Oakes Email jayoakes@gmail.com
Jean Sherrard-Fifo Email jean@coveredbridgeswinery.com
Jeana Heitman Email jeana.heitman@gmail.com
Jed Terhaar Email jedandellet@gmail.com
Jeff Cuddeback Email jeffcudd5@gmail.com
Jeff Danielson Email jdanielson@awea.org
Jeff Shipley Email j.j.shipley@gmail.com
Jeff Whittington Email jkwhittington@outlook.com
Jeffrey Deopere Email Jdeopere@gmail.com
Jeffrey Greve Email grevelaw@yahoo.com
Jeffrey Hedquist Email jeffrey@hedquist.com
jeffrey jaunich Email jjaunich@capenawind.com (630) 561-2739
Jeffrey Renander Email attorney@cedarcounty.org
Jennifer Fishback Email jennifer.fishback@gmail.com
Jennifer Miller Email jmiller@marshallcountyia.gov
Jennifer Mumm Email harrisoncountyatty@gmail.com
Jennifer Ream Email kayalock@gmail.com
Jennifer Roe Email roefarm@gmail.com (000) 000-0000
Jennifer Schwickerath Email j.schwickerath@chickasawcoia.org
Jennifer Swinton Email jenniferleeswinton@gmail.com
Jennifer Van Hyfte Email liljenn318@hotmail.com
Jenny Buehler Email jennybuehler@aol.com
Jeremy Capper Email jercap79@gmail.com
Jeremy Lang Email jlang@rabehardware.com
Jerry Crew Email jlcrew2017@outlook.com
Jerry Vander Sanden Email jerry.vandersanden@linncounty.org
Jessen Email doreenjessen@yahoo.com
Jessica Morford Email jessica.a.morford@gmail.com
Jessica Reynolds Email Jreynolds@storycountyiowa.gov
Jim Anderson Email jarhsc@hotmail.com
Jim Getzfred Email bgetzfred@gmail.com
Jim Kohlhaas Email algonaaero@gmail.com
Jim Mcelheny Email jimmysox49@gmail.com
Joan Kleinmeyer Email jkleinmeyer@hotmail.com
Joani Estes Email jolkinsey@gmail.com
Joann Scoville Email jscovill@netins.net
Jodi Donohoe Email donohoejodi@gmail.com
Jodi Matthes Email tautej@hotmail.com
Jodi Wharff Email jodihill@me.com
Jodie Hoadley Email jodiehoadley@yahoo.com
Joe Dierickx Email dierickx@gmtel.net
Joe Gleason Email therealjoegleason@gmail.com
Joe Goche Email joegoche@yahoo.com
Joe Korpi Email joe.korpi@gmail.com
Joelii Seglem Email jseglem@ruralwaves.us
Joey Reinders Email jreinders@allete.com
John And Virginia Koester Email vajkoester@aol.com
John Bernau Email coatty@co.delaware.ia.us
John Frandson Email jcfrandson@hotmail.com (000) 000-0000
John Gish Email jgish@co.washington.ia.us
John Pabst Email pabstlaw@lisco.com
John Sarcone Email John.sarcone@polkcountyiowa.gov
John Werden Email jwerden@carrollcountyattorney.org
Joleen Baysore Email rosegar555@aol.com
Jolena Irving Email andy82jo@gmail.com
Jon Chase Email joche@vestas.com
Jonathan Beaty Email countyattorney@goldfieldaccess.net
Jonathan Chambers Email jonathan@fairviewfarms.com (000) 000-0000
Jonathan Lipman Email jon@jlipman.com
Jonathan Stimson Email stimsonbulldogs@gmail.com
Jordan Beschorner Email brownfarms@yourstarnet.net
Joseph Brown Email joewbrown22@gmail.com
Josh Bohach Email josh.bohach@edpr.com
Josh Bray Email bray.josh.12@gmail.com
Josh Byrnes Email jbyrnes@omu.email
Josh Lieb Email vetteemt@hotmail.com
Joshua T. Mandelbaum Email jmandelbaum@elpc.org (515) 244-3993
Judith Raymond Email jraymond108@gmail.com
Judy Stahl Email judgarstahl@hotmail.com
Julie Birky Email kjbirky@netins.net
Julie Hoffman Email julhoff@gmail.com
Julie Kuntz Email kuntzj1961@gmail.com
Julie Schneider Email schneiderszoo@msn.com
Julie Snodgrass Email julsno2005@yahoo.com
Justin Van Beusekom Email justin.vanbeusekom@edpr.com 5073241100
Kandi Beaman Email kandi.beaman@gmail.com
Karen Ahrenholtz Email karenahrenholtz@gmail.com
Karen Chase Email kkcgma25@yahoo.com
Karen Keller Email kkeller52@gmail.com
Kari Spratt Email khoresowsky@gmail.com
Karla Meier Email jkmeier50@gmail.com
Karsen William Rumpf Email krumpf@optimumrenewables.com
Kasey Wadding Email kwadding@co.bremer.ia.us
Kasi Ann Howard Email newloncity@iowatelecom.net (319) 367-7702
Kathleen Hall Email kh.rei.usa@gmail.com
Kathleen Jones Email kathyjones@iowatelecom.net
Kathryn Bullock Email bkbullock@cox.net (000) 000-0000
Kathy Jones Email kajones@iowatelecom.net
Katie Cooke Email cookeefamily@gmail.com
Kaye Bax Email klbax@iowatelecom.net (000) 000-0000
Keith Deboer Email crosstheuniverse@gmail.com
Kelly Nelson Email knelsonguru@gmail.com
Kelly Smith Email Kellycsmith863@gmail.com
Kelsey Beenken Email kelsey.beenken@winnebagocoutyia.gov
Kelvin Chvojka Email photoman@1791.com
Ken Nason Email kebe@netins.net
Kendra Albright Email albright@netins.net
Kenley Zwiefel Email kzwiefel@mail.com
Kenneth Wegorowski Email ken@horsepower.net (000) 000-0000
Kevin Schoeberl Email howatty@co.howard.ia.us
Kim Brenneman Email kimberly.s.brenneman@gmail.com
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Kimberly Brenneman Email kimberly.s.brenneman@gmail.com
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Kirsten Lang Email klang@rabehardware.com
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Kris Lyons Email klyons@co.jones.ia.us
Kristi Busse Email kbusse@co.clay.ia.us
Kristi Harshbarger Email kharshbarger@iowacounties.org
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Kristy Irlbeck Email irlbeckkris@gmail.com
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Mayumi Koide Email maypeep@gmail.com
Meghann Cosgrove-Whitmer Email mwhitmer@idacountyia.us
Melanie Summers Bauler Email mbauler@emmetcountyia.com
Melissa Larson Email attorney@adaircountyiowa.org
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Michael Abildtrup Address (000) 000-0000
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