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Docket Number: RMU-2016-0013 - Review of Restoration of Agricultural Lands During and After Pipeline Construction Rules in 199 IAC Chapter 9
Name Contact Method Email Address Phone
Brooke Bassell-Herman Email Brooke.Bassellherman@blackhillscorp.com (515) 343-2026
Chaz T Allen Email callen@iowautility.org (515) 282-2115
Christina L Gruenhagen Email cgruenhagen@ifbf.org (515) 225-5528
Daniel Evans Email devans@iowautility.org
Evan B Del Val Email evan.delval@is-grp.com (515) 243-9143
Iowa Utility Association Staff Email iuastaff@iowautility.org
John M. Murray Email john@murraylawsl.com (712) 732-8181
Judith Thorman Email thormanj@api.org (202) 682-8235
Julie A Smith Email jasmithlaw@mchsi.com (515) 210-6616
Lani Flesch Email iowagoldengirl@yahoo.com
Office of Consumer Advocate Email ocaservice@oca.iowa.gov (515) 725-7200
Tim Whipple Email twhipple@iamu.org
Troy DeJoode Email tdejoode@iamu.org (515) 289-1999
Wallace L. Taylor Email wtaylorlaw@aol.com (319) 366-2428