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Filing: 4409597 Objection
Docket: HLP-2021-0003 Petition for Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Permit

This page shows the parties that were on the service list for this filing.

NOTE: Parties who are unable to accept electronic notification are designated as 'Address' in the contact method column. Parties who have elected to receive email notification are designated as 'Email' in the contact method column.

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Name Contact Method Email Address
Arnold Twait Address
Bill Hibbing Address
Butler County Board of Supervisors Address
City of Kingsley Address
City of Story City Address
Darin Benning Address darinbenning@gmail.com
Emmet County Board of Supervisors Address
Franklin County Board of Supervisors Address
Hermina Amoroso Address
Iowa County Board of Supervisors Address
Jerry Muilenburg Address
John Klingbeil Address
LJ Address
Lois Buck Address dbuck@evertek.net
Lyon County Board of Supervisors Address
Monte Gerber Address
Osceola County Board of Supervisors Address
Phyllis Rohlin Address
Pipeliners Local 798 Address
Renae Buchan Address
Richard Pals Address
Tammy & Terry Christensen Address
Webster County Board of Supervisors Address
Aaron Epley Email babybull31@icloud.com
Aaron Wagner Email aaronwagner1977@yahoo.com
Adam Dake Email thordude83@gmail.com
Adelaide McGrath Email agmcgrath12@icloud.com
Alan McGregor Email 78mcgrady@gmail.com
Alan Sperfslage Email asperfslage28@gmail.com
Allan and Jean Rupp Email linscomom@gmail.com
Allen Fothergill Email allenf40201960@gmail.com
Allison Gates Email allisonwood85@gmail.com
Allison Hasek Email hasekalli@gmail.com
Allison Junck Email agj001@morningside.edu
Alvin Overbaugh Email COVERBAUGH@MSN.COM
Amanda Stamp Email amanda.mckean@gmail.com
Amber Jordan Email aajordan615@gmail.com
Amy Ellois Email amye@cityofwalfordiowa.com
Amy Solsma Email solsma@solsma.com
Andrea Frederickson Email afred@southslope.net
Andrzej Blacharski Email andrzej.blacharski@gmail.com
Andy Brown Email liamandie@hotmail.com
Andy Kleppe Email board1971@gmail.com
Angie Meierotto Email angielshaffer@gmail.com
Angie Morrison Email amorrison@crprairie.org
Ann Bigbee Email charliesannb@windstream.net
Ann Rezarch Email anniesnotes1@msn.com
Ann Stoner Email astonerrn@aol.com
Anna Broulik Email ambroulik@gmail.com
Anna Mariah Andrews Email mariah808@gmail.com
Anne Gray Email s2am1gray@premieronline.net
Arie Sirotiak Email Amsiro@iastate.edu
Arlo Williams Email aw2142@live.com
Asa Crowe Email whompachomp@gmail.com
Ashley Wessels Email ashleylwessels@gmail.com
Audrea Keninger Email kaudrea@hotmail.com
Bailey Ronnebaum Email baileylubben12@gmail.com
Barant Hasek Email hasekbj@gmail.com
Barb and Jim Dale Email nonrev909@neitel.net
Barb Horak Email beejayach@hotmail.com
Barb Miller Email barbmiller@hotmail.com
Barb Miller Email Barbmiller49@hotmail.com
Barb Schomaker Email bjsoo@ncn.net
Barbara Clayton Email barb@claytoncompany.net
Barbara Kalbach Email bkalbach@netins.net
Barbara Russell Email dbrussell1002@aol.com
Becky Ahrens Email ahrensa@mchsi.com
Becky Ostheimer Email bost_your@yahoo.com
Becky Ross Email beckyross@aol.com
Becky Senti Email bsenti@windstream.net
Becky Showalter Email beckyshow1954@yahoo.com
Benjamin Johnson Email benjaminjohnson@mvcsd.org
Bernie Frieden Email mayor@cityoffairfax.org
Beth Bishop Email bb.ink4@me.com
Beth Johnson Email bethleighgibbs@yahoo.com
Beth Klahsen Email klahseb@gmail.com
Beth Rolling Email isualums@comcast.net
Betty Nolan Email Carolmarie1994@gmail.com
Beverly Amoroso Email bevamoroso@aol.com
Bill Armstrong Email Irishridge12@gmail.com
Bill Fenner Email billfenner9@gmail.com
Bill Knudson Email knudson6890@gmail.com
Bill Reyhons Email breyhons@southslope.net
Bill Voss Email billv@cityofwalfordiowa.com
Bonnie Jenkins Email jbjenkins3@sbcglobal.net
Brad Baker Email bakers01@premieronline.net
Brad Koester Email bradkoester@wccta.net
Brad Mast Email bradmast1234@yahoo.com
Brad Smith Email smith20@gmail.com
Bradley Glandorf Email aglandorf@netins.net
Brant Kassel Email brantkassel@gmail.com
Brant Leonard Email bleonard@fredlaw.com
Brenda Barr Email babugg@live.com
Brenda Gross Email sglocker@fmctc.com
Brenna Stoops Email brenstoops@msn.com
Brent Dresser Email farmbusiness1@outlook.com
Brian Baustian Email bluemule60@hotmail.com
Brian Dake Email mvdakes@aol.com
Brian Doyle Email bdoyle@acumenadvisors.com
Brian Jorde Email bjorde@dominalaw.com
Brian Nelson Email bwnelson54@gmail.com
Brian Walshire Email brianwalshire7@gmail.com
Brit Venega Email wordjunkie@yahoo.com
Bruce Blankers Email bruceblankers@gmail.com
Bruce Johnson Email bejohnson2182@gmail.com
Bruce Sevig Email bruce.sevig@gstcinc.com
Bruce Swearngin Email bryce.swearngin@gmail.com
Bryan Bross Email bcb@klingner.com
Bryan Caspary Email dastillas@yahoo.com
C Duane Campbell Email cduane32@yahoo.com
Carelle Jean Muellner Stein Email carelle@frogfarm.us
Carmen Moser Email cmoser@paloaltocounty.iowa.gov
Carol Daly Email carolt.daly@gmail.com
Carol Feikes Email carol.feikes@gmail.com
Carol Hanson Email carolhanson1951@hotmail.com
Caroline Arnold Email jccarnold@msn.com
Carolyn Corbin Email carolyn@corbingroup.biz
Carolyn Hejtmanek Email chejtmanek@aol.com
Carolyn Kay Dusheck Email dusheck@netins.net
Carolyn Raffensperger Email raffenspergerc@cs.com
Carrie Ebel Email mattcarrie@southslope.net
Carrie Lawson Email cvanhouten2062@gmail.com
Carrie Norton Email czn46@hotmail.com
Casey Schomaker Email cschomaker93@gmail.com
Cassidy Moore Email cjmoore133@gmail.com
Catherine Hufford Email cathy.hufford@gmail.com
Catherine Talarico Email cathytalarico@gmail.com
Cathy George Email george.cathy@gmail.com
Chad Miller Email sylvesmiller@yahoo.com
Charis Peterson Email charispeterson@aol.com
Charles Hoelker Email wino@wiatel.net
Charles Kelsey Email chuck.kelsey@gmail.com
Charles Montange Email c.montange@frontier.com
Cheryl Dake Email mvdakes@aol.com
Cheryl Dietz Email tcopygirl@aol.com
Cheryl Jackson Email cjackson@spencerschools.org
Chip Nelson Email info@letspackage.com
Chris Klumpp Email cklumpp@tcaexpress.net
Chris Moore Email cmoore2850@gamil.com
Chris Nosbisch Email cnosbisch@cityofmtvernon-ia.gov
Christina Gruenhagen Email cgruenhagen@ifbf.org
Christine Gant Email gardengirl712@gmail.com
Christine Weber Email ceweber116@msn.com
Chuck and Karen Kilpatrick Email karenkilpatrick@gmail.com
Cindy and Jim Schaffer Email jandcschaffer@yahoo.com
Cindy Hofman Email alcindy@mtcnet.net
Cindy Howard Email cmhoward35@cox.net
Cindy Musselman Email csmusselman@msn.com
Cindy Pospisil Email pospisch@gmail.com
Cindy Pospisil Email posisch@gmail.com
Clay County Board of Supervisors Email abaschke@claycounty.iowa.gov
Clifford Neal Email Bgneal4kids@msn.com
Clint Quist Email cquist57@hotmail.com
Clint Swick Email c.swick@hotmail.com
Connie Cable Email cable685046@hotmail.com
Connie Cowan Email connie.cowan3@gmail.com
Connie Esker Email chesker@mac.com
Connor McGrath Email clmcgrath12@icloud.com
Constance Kammrath Email inkspot84@hotmail.com
Corinne Alesch Email corinnealesch22@gmail.com
Cornelia Flora Email cflora@iastate.edu
Curt Grigg Email grigcbjl@wiatel.net
Curt Zingula Email czingula@aol.com
Curtis Allen Email cuallen2004@gmail.com
Cynthia Steflik Email sunniedays51@gmail.com
Cynthia Strong Email cynthiadstrong@gmail.com
Dale Folkmann Email dsabfolkmann@yahoo.com
Dale Mennenga Email dalem@butler-bremer.com
Dallas Sickels Email sickelsdallas@yahoo.com
Dan Dischler Email dan_dischler@yahoo.com
Dan Harvey Email harveyd264@icloud.com
Dan Thoman Email dthomanmia@aol.com
Dana Fowler Email Panppulm@gmail.com
DANA REEDY Email dink73_______@hotmail.com
Daneete Moore Email danettemoore6@gmail.com
Daniel Ibeling Email ibes007@gmail.com
Daniel Musil Email dan@mandwmfg.com
Daniel Skinner Email dskinner@omaxsurgery.com
Darcie Johnson Email darciej@reagan.com
Darlys Mennenga Email drmennenga@butler-bremer.com
Darrin Gage Email Darrin.Gage@linncountyiowa.gov
Darryl Hartema Email wfrmech@yahoo.com
Darryl High Email darrylh@highdevelopment.com
Darwin Koutny Email koutnyfarms@hotmail.com
Dave and Cathy Mickelson Email cmickelson082882@gmail.com
Dave Beitz Email dbietz@yahoo.com
David Ball Email ballbroscorp@hotmail.com
David Damerell Email moonhowlersfarm@yahoo.com
David Gerber Email kdgerber+david@gmail.com
David Hubler Email hublerjr@gmail.com
David Krumwiede Email dvkfarm@hotmail.com
David Lynott Email dave.lynott@gmail.com
David O Donaghue Email creativitynola@gmail.com
David Rieck Email rrfi2000@gmail.com
David Stoner Email j.a.stoner@gmail.com
David Stowe Email dstowe1979@gmail.com
Dawn Caspary Email dmkohrt@hotmail.com
Dawn Smith Email bos@cedarcounty.org
Dawson Ackerman Email dawsonackerman@yahoo.com
Dean and Nyla McCall Email dandnmccall@gmail.com
Dean Mohning Email dkmohn@midlands.net
Deanna Etherington Email panther90@cox.net
Deb Lassise Email lassise@mchsi.com
Deb Lavalle Email phcs89@hotmail.com
Deb Wenndt Email djwenndt@fbcom.net
Debi Douma Herren Email ddoumaherren@gmail.com
Deborah Burow Email debbyburow@gmail.com
Deborah Main Email deborah_main@yahoo.com
Debra Ibeling Swanson Email motheribeling@gmail.com
Debra Kuhn Email dvkuhn100@hotmail.com
Debra Schwenker Email schwenkerd66@gmail.com
Deep River Email eevans3747@aol.com
DeEtta Klatt Email dklatt@bevcomm.net
Del Holland Email Delholland@aol.com
Delmer Hardecopf Email dlhard@ringtelco.com
Denise Fraise Email dfraise@leecounty.org
Denise Fraise Email dfraise@leecounty.org
Denise Fraise Email dfraise@leecounty.org
Denise Junker Email junker.denise@gmail.com
Dennis & Holle Smith Email dhsmith@yourstarnet.net
Dennis and Betty DeVary Email dbdevary@mediacombb.net
Dennis Kimm Email farms.hickory@yahoo.com
Dennis Klinsky Email klinsky14@gmail.com
Dennis Ludwig Email eutopia83@aol.com
Dennise Smith Email denniseksmith@gmail.com
Derith Vogt Email hartvogt@netins.net
Des Moines County Board of Supervisors Email board@dmcounty.com
DeWayne Heintz Email dh91263@yahoo.com
Di Findley Email dianadf60@gmail.com
Diana Corcoran Email ddcorcor@gmail.com
Diana Dawley Email ddawley@poweshiekcounty.org
Diane and Jim Richard Email jimdirichard@gmail.com
Diane Boyer Email dianemb439@gmail.com
Diane Delozier Lahr Email DelozierLahr53@gmail.com
Diane Dischler Email dischlerd@yahoo.com
Dianne Binder Email dianne3426binder@gmail.com
Don Schroeder Email slfplc@gmail.com
Donald Brown Email d12177j@gmail.com
Donald Metzger Email mjmetzger@alliancecom.net
Donald Shepherd Email donaldshepherd7@aol.com
Donley Hoogeveen Email doneley@yahoo.com
Donlo Kass Email citizenk2@msn.com
Donna Hoadley Email cdhoad94@icloud.com
Donna Ridlen Email dridlen@mchsi.com
Donna Vandrell Email hoagland@charter.net
Douglas Hanson Email doughansonart@gmail.com
Douglas Nelson Email nelsonfarms54@gmail.com
Duane Dornath Email mddorn@frontiernet.net
Dwight and Jayne Guerdet Email jkdg49@yahoo.com
Dwight Paris Email dmpwood@mahsi.com
Dylan Ferguson Email dcoburnferguson@gmail.com
Earl and Judt Dick Email jagrn51529@yahoo.com
Ed Fallon Email ed@fallonforum.com
Ed Fallon Email ed@fallonforum.com
Edward Fordyce Email mvfordyces@gmail.com
Edward J Dusheck Email duke@dukedusheck.com
Edward Mertens Email emertens@southslope.net
Eileen Kenyon Email ekenyon.kenyon65@gmail.com
Elaine Knudson Email e_knudson@yahoo.com
Eldon Hoekstra Email ejh@nethtc.net
Ellie Droesch Email eleanor.droesch@gmail.com
Ellie Dusheck Email edusheck@gmail.com
Emily Horak Email emilyhorak24@gmail.com
Emily Young Email emily.perreault@prmpractice.com
Erica Dawson Email rapiv32322@rezunz.com
Erich Kretzinger Email erichkretzinger@outlook.com
Erin Jordan Email erin.jordan@thegazette.com
Erin Morris Email morriserin29@gmail.com
Eugene Wright Email Gene@Tax-Wright.com
Evan Del Val Email evan.delval@isginc.com
Franklin County Board of Supervisors Email mnolte@co.franklin.ia.us
Fred Hubler Email fhubler@msn.com
Frederick Hubler Email fhubler@msn.com
Gail Ancelin Email titus37@midlands.net
Gail Bonath Email gailbonath@mchsi.com
Gannon McGrath Email grmcgrath16@icloud.com
Garald Zomermaand Email zomkanom@gmail.com
Garry Sampson Email gardarsamp@tcaexpress.net
Gary & Julie Blagg Email jblagg2@bevcomm.net
Gary Armstrong Email gary@mhgab.com
Gary Atherton Email gatherton@pocahontascounty.iowa.gov
Gary Burmeister Email ritaburmeister@aol.com
Gary Cain Email grcain55@gmail.com
Gary Hart Email glhart@gmail.com
Gary Ihnen Email gihnen@icloud.com
Gary Marth Email sgmarth@hotmail.com
Gary Myers Email Gary.Myers@dentons.com
Gary Olson Email gary@fieldsteps.com
Gary Olson Email gary@fieldsteps.com
Gary Olson Email gary@fieldsteps.com
Gary Olson Email gary@fieldsteps.com
Gary Olson Email gary@fieldsteps.com
Gary Reyhons Email greyhons@southslope.net
Gary Smith Email gsmith1@yourstarnet.net
Gary Steflik Email glstef47@gmail.com
Gary Warmbier Email warmbig@netins.net
Gayle Palmquist Email eastviewfarm@gmail.com
Gayle Palmquist Email eastviewfarm@gmail.com
George Cummins Email gcumminsster@gmail.com
George Heikens Email travelers4250@gmail.com
Gilbert Gillespie Email gg1localfood@gmail.com
Gina Becthold Email gbecthold@gmail.com
Glen Kuntz Email gjfarms@netins.net
Glen Weber Email gweber1023@netins.net
Glenn Henriksen Email pianoglenn@yahoo.com
Glenn Overbaught Email glennoverbaugh@aol.com
Gordon Sevig Email gordon@gstcinc.com
Gordon Williamson Email roxiesrascals@yahoo.com
Greg Dischler Email gdischler@yahoo.com
Greg Flugum Email flugg@wctatel.net
Gregory Belknap Email greg.belknap@gmail.com
Gregory Belknap Email greg.belknap@gmail.com
Gretchen Burnette Email gretchen1999@hotmail.com
Gretchen Reeh-Robinson Email reehsong@gmail.com
Haley Van Loon Email haley.vanloon@brownwinick.com
Hanna Hofmeister Email hofmeister.hanna@gmail.com
Hannah Hayes Email hayeshannah617@gmail.com
Hannah OBrien Email hlo100@aol.com
Harold Knudson Email harold_knudson@icloud.com
Heather Sickels Email heathersickels1210@gmail.com
Helen Leavenworth Email helen.leavenworth@gmail.com
Holle Smith Email dhsmith@yourstarnet.net
Howard Beam Email hwrdbeam@yahoo.com
Howard Metzger Email howardmetzger408@gmail.com
J Johnsten Email j_Johnsten@gmail.com
Jacob Harney Email jacob.a.harney@gmail.com
Jacob Johnson Email jake_johnson@live.com
Jacquelyn Puffer Email jac.puffer@gmail.com
James and Sandra Batcheller Email batches30@gmail.com
James Cunningham Email docjmc@live.com
James Martz Email Bullseye52JM@gmail.com
James Nelson Email jnelson3447@msn.com
James Simon Email jbsimon@midco.net
James Todd Email jtodd@opencominc.com
James Wagner Email cwagner12@cox.net
Jan Hunsaker Email hunsaker@iowatelecom.net
Jan Mulder Email msconcrete@butler-bremer.com
Jan Norris Email jan.norris2@gmail.com
Jan Sebern Gilliland Email jenbea12@aol.com
Jana Klein Email mvkleins@mchsi.com
Jane Nelson Email anderson.sami@icloud.com
Janet Burrow Email janetburrow56@gmail.com
Janet Johnson Email jmjcw4@southslope.net
Janice Koch Email jan3516@icloud.com
Janice Walters Email jjwalters1964@gmail.com
Janice Watkins Email jniceaw@gmail.com
Jasmine Goeders Email jnjgoeders@gmail.com
Jason Koop Email j_koop82@hotmail.com
Jason Madden Email jaymaddenxf800@gmail.com
Jason MIller Email jason.miller.fcrx@gmail.com
Jay Howe Email jehgfldia@gmail.com
Jay Schrage Email jschrage46@gmail.com
Jay Thompson Email jaythompsonj@aol.com
Jean Coviello Email catenna@yahoo.com
Jean Kampman Email jean.kampman@gmail.com
Jean Perri Email jmdperri@gmail.com
Jean Sawyer Email takinagase@gmail.com
Jef and Shellee Barto Email Jfbarto@wiatel.net
Jeff Bonar Email jeff@capco2.solutions
Jeff Taylor Email jeff.taylor@legis.iowa.gov
Jennifer Bear Eagle Email jbeareagle@bigfirelaw.com
Jennifer Kuntz Email jenniferkmom@gmail.com
Jennifer Lessin Email lessin.jennifer@gmail.com
Jennifer Puffer Email jenniferpuffer@mchsi.com
Jerry DenHartog Email jdenhart@outlook.com
Jesse Wulf Email jessehwulf@gmail.com
Jessica Mazour Email jessica.mazour@sierraclub.org
Jessica Painter Email jpaint21@gmail.com
Jill Cinkovich Email jcinkovich@cityoflowden.org
Jim Schipper Email bschipper4@gmail.com
Jim Sheets Email jm2frames@aol.com
Jim Swearngin Email jim.swearngin1964@gmail.com
Jimmie and Renee Colyer Email renco21256@aol.com
Jo Beer Email jbeer7151@aol.com
Joa LaVille Email lavillejoa@gmail.com
JoAnn Kots Email nanafran88@gmail.com
JoAnn Stoner Email j.a.stoner@gmail.com
Joby Harvey Email jobyharvey@yahoo.com
Jodi Russell Email mjruss95@gmail.com
Joel and Kathy Wright Email jkew@premieronline.net
Joel Barnum Email jbarnum@descriptor.com
Joel Dornath Email joeldornath2013@gmail.com
Joel Pauling Email joelp@intermtnsales.com
JOHN & LISA WESSELS Email jandlwessels@gmail.com
John and Elizabeth Buckeridge Email sacnfox@gmail.com
John Andersen Email john.andersen.phd01@gmail.com
John Buresh Email jburesh@southslope.net
John Butterfield Email jfbutterfield@frontiernet.net
John Fothergill Email allenf40201960@gmail.cpom
John Innis Email jdinnis@gmail.com
John Norris Email John.Norris@polkcountyiowa.gov
John Pospisil Email jpospisil130@msn.com
John Randolph Burrow Email wakdjunkaga@msn.com
Jolyn Puffer Email jopuffer@yahoo.com
Jon and Deb Brekke Email jodebrek@netins.net
Jon Stanford Email jon.stanford@live.com
Jon Sybesma Email jonsybsa@mtcnet.net
Jonah Light Email jonahlight111@gmail.com
Joni Lownik Email cyclonefan@tds.net
Joseph Keul Email keulj@msn.com
Joseph Klingbeil Email josephklingbeil60@gmail.com
Joy Vander Werff Email joyvander@yahoo.com
Joyce Kitson Email jakitson@aol.com
Judith Wardak Email judith.wardak@yahoo.com
Judy Grethen Email rjgrethe@yourstarnet.net
Judy Sebern Beachy Email judy.sebernbeachy@gmail.com
Judy Vopava Email Judy-vopava@uiowa.edu
Julia Andrews Email Andrews0026@yahoo.com
Julia Rendon Email juliatrendon@gmail.com
Julie Christensen Email jkchristensen8@gmail.com
Julie Cunningham Email jacunn79@yahoo.com
Julie Dvorak Email jdvorak90@gmail.com
Julie Fischer Email piscatrix@gmail.com
Julie Hanson Email jjhans@mchsi.com
June Rieck Email jrieck62@gmail.com
Justin Graber Email rolnlow@yahoo.com
Karen Heidman Email heidmankaren@gmail.com
Karen Stewart Email mkstewart@netins.net
Kari Bell Email karifayebell@gmail.com
Karla Ver Meer Email kraevm@yahoo.com
Karmin McShane Email karmin217@gmail.com
Katherine Fromm Email barberhue59@gmail.com
Katherine Grohs Email kasg85@gmail.com
Katherine Stockdale Email kartstock@gmail.com
Kathleen Heiliger Email kateannheiliger@gmail.com
Kathleen Kramer Email kkramer1975@hotmail.com
Kathrine Rockne-Truxall Email cwtrux@earthlink.net
Kathryn Hogg Email rkhogg@earthlink.net
Kathryn Pierson Email kathrynpierson@hotmail.com
Kathy Byrnes Email kathymbyrnes@hotmail.com
Kathy Carter Email willford21@myomnitel.com
Kathy Gabel Email kathyjgabel@gmail.com
Kathy Rieck Email trieck@tcaexpress.net
Kathy Sather Email kj.sather2@gmail.com
Katie Brown Email kdcbrown@hotmail.com
Kay Johansen Email kay.johansen@kjohansenlaw.com
Kaylene Caspers Email caspers2464@yahoo.com
Kayln Moore Email kaylnhowelle@gmail.com
Keith Lovrien Email redtractorrider@yahoo.com
Keith Radig Email kradig@woodburycountyiowa.gov
Keith Roelfs Email lroelfs811@gmail.com
Kelli Hitsman Email hitsman.kelli@yahoo.com
Kelli Ireland Email kellbell45@yahoo.com
Kelsey Kurt Email kelsey@prairieinet.net
Ken & Coleen Herum Email kcherum@gmail.com
Ken Bresnan Email kenbresnan@gmail.com
Ken Kemper Email kennylee@yousq.net
Kenn Bowen Email kmbo1@yahoo.com
Kenneth Neal Email kneal5@aol.com
Kent Kelsey Email heykently@gmail.com
Kent Newman Email kent@fullspectrumproductions.com
Kevin & Evalee Strenge Email evystrenge@icloud.com
Kevin Hohl Email khnk999@yahoo.com
Kim Callahan Email kdcallahan@icloud.com
Kim Swartz Email kkswartz2@mchsi.com
Kim Wemer Email klsw69@gmail.com
Kimberlee Hasek Email kimhasek96@gmail.com
Kimberly Kay Email wac@fbcom.net
Kristin Neal Email kristin-neal@live.com
Kristina Paradise Email kparadise@snyder-associates.com
Kristine Butterbaugh Email kbutterbaugh@msn.com
Kristopher Hoffman Email kristopher.hoffman56@gmail.com
Krystl Verrengia Email verrengia2011@gmail.com
Kurt Brown Email kbrown@tcaexpress.net
Kyle Kuntz Email kyle.kuntz@gmail.com
Kyle Mullenix Email kmullenix23@gmail.com
Lana Miller Email mlmiller@ringtelco.com
Lance Origer Email lanceoriger1968@gmail.com
Larry Asche Email larryasche6@gmail.com
Larry Bell Email lkbell@yousq.net
Larry Gaul Email lgaul@fmctc.com
Larry Graham Email larryjgraham@gmail.com
Laura Janssen Email jljanssen@mtcnet.net
Laura Krouse Email laura@abbehills.com
Laura Lee Email lbhiowa@yahoo.com
Laura Moquett Email lauramoquett@gmail.com
Lauren Cerqueira Email LaurenHartson@gmail.com
Lauren Tiffany Email laurentiffany2013@gmail.com
Laurence Hanson Email hanson.lk@gmail.com
Lecia G Berven Email bervenl@gmail.com
Lee Tesdell Email leetesdell@gmail.com
Leo Kriz Email lvkriz@yahoo.com
Leo Kriz Email lvkriz@yahoo.com15
Leon and Janet Hansen Email hansenleonjanet@gmail.com
Linda Brecht Email brechtfarm@gmail.com
Linda Brooks Email iafballfan@gmail.com
Linda Johnson Email ljohnson19530@gmail.com
Linda McNeill Email Bfmcneill@msn.com
Linda Rozeboom Email clrozey@mtcnet.net
Linda Vlaming Email linda.vlaming641@gmail.com
Linn County Board of Supervisors Email bd-supervisors@linncountyiowa.gov
Lisa Angelella Email lisaangelella@hotmail.com
Logan Peitscher Email lpeitscher@yahoo.com
Lois Anderson Email gene35@frontiernet.net
Lonny Morrow Email lonnymorrow@gmail.com
Lori Norem Email lnorem124@gmail.com
Lori Smith Email lorismitheville@gmail.com
Louie Feikes Email louiefeikes1152@gmail.com
Lucette Johnson Email nana2bnp2@gmail.com
Lyle and Nancy Faiferlick Email nlfife@lvcta.com
Lynn Townley Email latownley474@aol.com
Machele Pelkey Email machpelkey@gmail.com
Maelle McGrath Email mamcgrath01@icloud.com
Mahmud Fitil Email MFitil@greatplainsaction.org
Marceta Claypool Email mclaypool@c21prolink.com
Marcia Daehler Email mkdaeler@gmail.com
Marcia Daehler Email mkdaehler@gmail.com
Marcia McGrath Email rwmcgrath@cox.net
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