Electronic Filing System


Summary of Orders and Filings Search

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The summary of orders and filings search may be used to find most documents accepted into EFS for a specific day or date range.

Each filing will be displayed by date and in docket number order, with information about the filing title and filing party.  Clicking on the docket number will bring up the document search results screen, with each document associated with that particular filing displayed.  A filing must have at least one document, but may have more than one.

From the document search results screen, you may view the document or save it to a location on your computer.  Clicking on the "Summary" link will display pertinent information about the docket as well as the option to view public versions of all filed documents associated with that docket.

The summary of orders and filings will also include a listing for filings accepted for filing on paper in proceedings not subject to the electronic filing rules.  Documents in those proceedings will not be available for viewing and download from EFS but can be viewed at the IUB Records and Information Center.