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Docket Summary for Docket TF-2020-0237

Docket Number: TF-2020-0237
Docket Title: Interstate Power and Light Company
Docket Description: Inflow/Outflow Billing of Eligible Distributed Generation Tariff
Docket Notes:
Docket Summary:
Initial Submitting Parties: Andrew D. Cardon
Interstate Power and Light Company
Initial Submission Date: 07/01/2020
Initial Filing Date: 07/01/2020
Initial Accepted/Rejected Date:   07/01/2020
Docket Status: Open
Presiding: Board
County: Not Applicable
Expedited Relief: N
Industry Type: Electric
Participants: Adam Griggs
Andrew D. Cardon
Andrew P Johnson
Bobbie Jo Wedemeier
Bonnie Basemann
Bradly J. Behrens
City of Everly
City of Fairfield
City of Oelwein
Connie Boyer
Environmental Law & Policy Center
Environmental Law and Policy Center
Interstate Power and Light Company
Iowa 80 Group, Inc.
Iowa 80 Truckstop, Inc.
Iowa Environmental Council
Iowa Utilities Board
Jim Martin-Schramm
John Zakrasek
Johnson County Planning Development and Sustainability
Josh Busard
Josh Ehlinger
Joshua T. Mandelbaum
Karen Finnegan
Ken Westphal
Linn Clean Energy District
Luther College
Michael Kuperman
Michael R Schmidt
Michelle Girolamo
Mike Kuperman
mike kuperman
Office of Consumer Advocate
Sierra Club Iowa Chapter
Wallace L. Taylor
Winneshiek Energy District
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