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Docket Summary for Docket RPU-2018-0003

Docket Number: RPU-2018-0003
Docket Title: MidAmerican Energy Company
Docket Description: Application for Ratemaking Principles for Proposed Wind XII Project
Docket Notes:
Docket Summary:
Initial Submitting Parties: Brian Rybarik
MidAmerican Energy Company
Initial Submission Date: 05/30/2018
Initial Filing Date: 05/30/2018
Initial Accepted/Rejected Date:   05/30/2018
Docket Status: Open
Presiding: Board
County: Not Applicable
Expedited Relief: N
Industry Type: Electric
Participants: Arick R Sears
Bertha Mathis
Betty & Tom Zentner
Brant Leonard
Bret A Dublinske
Brian Rybarik
Charles Montgomery
Coalition for Rural Property Rights
Dr. Terry McGovern
Environmental Law & Policy Center
Environmental Law and Policy Center
Facebook, Inc.
Facebook, Inc., and Google Inc.
Google Inc.
Google LLC
Haley R Van Loon
Interstate Power and Light Company
Iowa Business Energy Coalition
Iowa Environmental Council
Iowa Utilities Board
ITC Midwest LLC
Janna Swanson
John Agada
Jonathan Krueger
Joshua T. Mandelbaum
Karen Finnegan
Kristine Koch
Lissa Koop
Lyndsey A Canning
Melissa Myers
Michael Gabriel Rowberry
Michael S. Greiveldinger
MidAmerican Energy Company
Office of Consumer Advocate
Patrick J Sodoro
Patrick J. Sodoro
Petersen Court Reporters
Petersen Court Reporters, Inc.
Samantha C. Norris
Seirra Club
Sheila K. Tipton
Sierra Club
Tech Customers
Terry McGovern
The Law office of Patrick J Sodoro
The Sierra Club
Thomas Clinton Goodhue
US Fish and Wildlife Service
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