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Docket Summary for Docket EEP-2022-0150

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Docket Number: EEP-2022-0150
Docket Title: Energy Efficiency Plan
Docket Description: 2024-2028 Energy Efficiency Plan Proceeding
Docket Notes: Blast First Time Only to IE (Investor-Owned Electric) and IG (Investor-Owned Gas)
Docket Summary:
Primary Companies: Interstate Power and Light Company - 150
Initial Submitting Parties: Iowa Utilities Board
Iowa Utilities Board
Initial Submission Date: 06/16/2022
Initial Filing Date: 06/16/2022
Initial Accepted/Rejected Date:   06/16/2022
Docket Status: Open
Presiding: Board
County: Not Applicable
Expedited Relief: N
Industry Type: Electric, Gas
Participants: Alan Jensen
Andrew Johnson
Andy Johnson
Barbara Luedtke
Clean Energy District of Iowa
Clean Energy Districts of Iowa
Environmental Law & Policy Center
Environmental Law and Policy Center
Gregory Schmidt
Haley Van Loon
Interstate Power and Light Company
Iowa Business Energy Coalition
Iowa Environmental Council
Iowa Utilities Board
James Martin-Schramm
Jennifer Johnson
Joshua Mandelbaum
Karen Finnegan
Kristine Koch
Large Energy Group
Lynn Herndon
Matt and Chiara Burke
Matthew Sowden
Member(s) of the Public
Michael Cook
Office of Consumer Advocate
Roger & Marilyn Russ
Susan Frey Court Reporting
Susan Frye Court Reporting
Valerie Sanderson
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