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Docket Summary for Docket EEP-2002-0038

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Docket Number: EEP-2002-0038
Docket Title: Energy Efficiency Plan
Docket Description:
Docket Notes:
Docket Summary:
Primary Companies: Interstate Power and Light Company - 150
Initial Submitting Parties:
Initial Submission Date:
Initial Filing Date:
Initial Accepted/Rejected Date:  
Docket Status: Closed
Presiding: Board
County: Not Applicable
Expedited Relief: N
Industry Type: Electric
Participants: Ag Processing Inc a Cooperative
Interstate Power and Light Company
Iowa Utilities Board
Paul N. Johnson
Paula N. Johnson
Victoria J. Place
Comments: This docket predates the Electronic Filing System. Please contact the Iowa Utilities Board Records and Information Center for additional information. Previous Docket Title: Interstate Power and Light Company
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