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Docket Summary for Docket E-22386

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Docket Number: E-22386
Docket Title: Electric Franchise to Erect, Maintain and Operate an Electric Transmission Line in Clayton and Dubuque Counties
Docket Description:
Docket Notes: Hickory Creek Transmission Line Project Clayton County F-20005, Dubuque County F-20004
Docket Summary:
Primary Companies: Dairyland Power Cooperative - 1501
ITC Midwest LLC - 3904
Initial Submitting Parties: ITC Midwest LLC
Leanna D. Whipple
Initial Submission Date: 11/28/2017
Initial Filing Date: 11/28/2017
Initial Accepted/Rejected Date:   11/28/2017
Docket Status: Open
Presiding: Board
County: Not Applicable
Expedited Relief: N
Industry Type: Electric
Participants: Alice Roghair
Amanda Ann James
Arica Goebel
Bennet Goldstein
Brad Wubbena
Bret A Dublinske
Bret Dublinske
Bret Schneider
Carl Mensen
Caroline Beckett
Charles William Isenhart
Chris Klopp
Chris Merry Klopp
Clayton County Historic Preservation Commission
Clean Energy Intervenors
Connie Kintzle
Connie Kitzle
Dairyland Power Cooperative
David Zimrin
Dawn Sherman
Dena Kurt
Dena M Kurt
Dena M. Kurt
Denise Wubbena
Dorothy Langel
Dubuque County
Dubuque County Attorney's Office
Fredrikson & Byron
Glen Roghair
Gloria Belken
Hannah Grove
Helen Deutmeyer
Interstate Power and Light Company
Iowa Environmental Council
Iowa General Assembly
Iowa Utilities Board
ITC Midwest LLC
Janice Roghair
Jared Schneider
Jeffrey L. Landsman
Jeffrey Lucas
JoAnn Miller
Jodi Behrens
Joe Schwarzmann
Joesph Goebel
John Taylor
Joseph Goebel
Joshua Sims
Julie Deutmeyer
Karen Finnegan
Karl Berg
Kenneth J. and Cindy R. Steffen
Kerry Beheler
Kristine Koch
Leanna D. Whipple
Leila Hefel
Lila-Dave Zastrow-Hendrickson
Linda E. Grice
Linda E Grice
Linda E. Grice
Linda Grice
Lisa Agrimonti
Lucas Nelson
Lynn Berg
Marion Roghair
Mark Walk
Marty Langel
Matt Goebel
Matt Meinhard
Matt Sowden
Merlyn Kriens
Michael Deutmeyer
Michael R Schmidt
Michelle Citron
Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc.
Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. (MISO)
Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. (“MISO”)
Midwest Independent System Operator, Inc.
Mike Deutmeyer
Mitch Goebel
Monica Sella
Nancy Lucas
Nicholas Roghair
Nick Goebel
Nick Overmann
Norma Kriens
Office of Consumer Advocate
Pam Schneider
Petersen Court Reporters, Inc.
Philip Leavenworth
Randy Roghair
Representative Isenhart
Richard Deutmeyer
Rick Roghair
Rob Danielson
Robert Hayes
Roger Bradshaw
Roger Thomas
Ryan Kluesner
Samantha C. Norris
Shelly Meinhard
Sherry Hayes
Shirley Roghair
Steve and Naomi Hoeger
Tate Meinhard
Terry McGovern
Tim Wright
Vickie Roghair
Comments: Previous Docket Title: ITC Midwest LLC
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Franchises: F-20004 - (Active)
F-20005 - (Active)
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