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Docket Summary for Docket E-22125
Docket Number: E-22125
Docket Title: Rock Island Clean Line LLC
Docket Description: Petition for Electric Franchise in Palo Alto County, Iowa
Docket Notes:
Docket Summary:
Initial Submitting Parties: Rock Island Clean Line LLC
Sheila K Tipton
Initial Submission Date: 07/02/2013
Initial Filing Date: 07/02/2013
Initial Accepted/Rejected Date:   07/02/2013
Docket Status: Open
Presiding: Board
County: Palo Alto
Expedited Relief: N
Industry Type: Electric
Participants: Allen Marcellus
Amanda Meals
Annette Girres
Ben Darr
Brandon Miner
Carolyn Sheridan
Chris Smith
Craig Kassel
Cynthia Kassel
Dale Koenig
David E. Girres
David K. Kassel
Dean Jensen
Dennis Lee Puckett
Diane A. Smith
Doug and Marjory Merrill
Duane Brown
Emily McCullough
Eric Zumbach
Gary Garrelts
Georgia Kassel
Gerald Fuerstenau
Herbers Farms Inc.
Holly Darr
Iowa Utilities Board
Irene Banwart-Goff
James and Diane Darr
James C. Krieg
James T. Darr
Janice Kassel
Jillian Krieg
Joan Mersch
Joann Herbers
Joe & Bev Darr
Joe and Bev Darr
Joseph M. Kenyon
Joyce E. Wiggins
Justin E LaVan
K&J Kassel Farms, Inc.
K+J Kassel Farms Inc.
Karen Conlon
Kathryn K. Merrill
Kenneth Kassel
Kenneth L. Garrelts
Larry Herbers
Mark and Angie Strohman
Mark E Truesdell
Mark Saxton
Marvin Fehr
Mary Allen
Mary Candice Peterson
Mary Mersch Goebel
Mary Peterson
Matt Conlon
Mersch Farms, Inc.
Mersch Farms, Inc. - Mary Mersch Goebel
Office of Consumer Advocate
Patricia Sunde
Paul Kassel
Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance
Robert and Ruby Besch
Robert Besch
Robert M. Andersen
Robin M. Allen
Rock Island Clean Line LLC
Rodney and Myrt Swanson
Ron & Suzanne Rouse
Ron and Suzanne Rouse
Ronald and Judy Girres
Ruby Besch
Shane and Laurie Darr
Shane Darr
Sheila K Tipton
Shelly Ramus
Silver Lake Pork, Inc.
Steve Licht
Tami Zumbach
Terrill W. Spanier
The Preservation for Rural Iowa Alliance
The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance
Theodore J. Besch
Tony Girres
Victor and Eileen Rouse
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