Electronic Filing System


Welcome to the Iowa Utilities Board's (IUB) Electronic Filing System.

You can use this system to file documents with the IUB.  Simply fill in some information about yourself and about the document and filing on this screen and select Add Document.  If you don't know the docket information, you may leave it blank.  The Filing Title is provided by you to help the IUB know what the filing is about.

On the next screen, you will select the file you wish to upload, and add it to your filing.  If you have more than one document to submit in this filing, you can add documents one at a time until you have added them all.  Documents in a single filing should be related to the same docket or subject.  Please submit unrelated documents as separate filings.  To submit the filing after adding document(s), press "Submit Filing".  To cancel a submission without filing it, press the "Cancel" button at any time.
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