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    Filing ID Docket Number Filing Title Submitter Name Date Filed Submitting Parties
View    4083832 SPU-2020-0003 Response to Additional Reporting Instructions Office of Consumer Advocate 07/02/2020 Office of Consumer Advocate
View    4077678 SPU-2020-0003 Uncontested Motion for Extension of Filing Deadline Office of Consumer Advocate 06/17/2020 Office of Consumer Advocate
View    4070748 SPU-2020-0003 Compliance Filing - COVID-19 Regulatory Asset Accounting and Reporting Proposals Sheila K. Tipton 05/29/2020 Iowa-American Water Company
View    4070685 SPU-2020-0003 Response to Customer Support Plans Office of Consumer Advocate 05/29/2020 Office of Consumer Advocate
View    4068818 SPU-2020-0003 Service List Addition Katelyn M Lynch-Butcher 05/21/2020 MidAmerican Energy Company
View    4068765 SPU-2020-0003 Order Phasing In Disconnection of Utility Service and Modifying March 27, 2020 Order Iowa Utilities Board 05/20/2020 Iowa Utilities Board
View    4067354 SPU-2020-0003 Staff Correspondence Iowa Utilities Board 05/14/2020 Iowa Utilities Board
View    4063908 SPU-2020-0003 Order Authorizing Regulatory Accounts and Establishing Additional Reporting Instructions Iowa Utilities Board 05/01/2020 Iowa Utilities Board
View    4055703 SPU-2020-0003 Order Regarding Disconnection of Electric, Natural Gas, and Water Utility Customers Iowa Utilities Board 03/27/2020 Iowa Utilities Board
View    4051772 SPU-2020-0003 Order Extending Winter Moratorium for Electric and Natural Gas Customers Iowa Utilities Board 03/13/2020 Iowa Utilities Board
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