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    Filing ID Docket Number Filing Title Submitter Name Date Filed Submitting Parties
View    4089046 RMU-2020-0028 DNR Report on Wind Energy and Wildlife Resource Management in Iowa, Avoiding Potential Conflicts Bertha Mathis 08/03/2020 Iowa Department of Natural Resources
View    4088870 RMU-2020-0028 Comments Michael Abildtrup 07/31/2020 Michael Abildtrup
View    4088137 RMU-2020-0028 Comments Shelley Marsh 07/27/2020 Shelley Marsh
View    4087379 RMU-2020-0028 Comments Blake Lauffler 07/22/2020 Blake Lauffler
View    4086282 RMU-2020-0028 Comments Patti McClure 07/15/2020 Patti McClure
View    4086276 RMU-2020-0028 Comments Patti McClure 07/15/2020 Patti McClure
View    4085625 RMU-2020-0028 Comments Steve Frandson 07/13/2020 Steve Frandson
View    4085359 RMU-2020-0028 Comments Jonathan Chambers 07/10/2020 Jonathan Chambers
View    4085223 RMU-2020-0028 Comments Donna Nall 07/09/2020 Donna Nall
View    4085253 RMU-2020-0028 Comments Pamela Simonson 07/09/2020 Pamela Simonson
View    4085239 RMU-2020-0028 Comments Sarah Bormann 07/09/2020 Sarah Bormann
View    4084501 RMU-2020-0028 Comments Susan Goodman 07/07/2020 Susan Goodman
View    4084472 RMU-2020-0028 Comments David Marsh 07/07/2020 David Marsh
View    4084466 RMU-2020-0028 Comments Marilyn Westrum 07/07/2020 Marilyn Westrum
View    4084455 RMU-2020-0028 Comments John Frandson 07/07/2020 John Frandson
View    4084433 RMU-2020-0028 Comments Kathryn Bullock 07/07/2020 Kathryn Bullock
View    4084392 RMU-2020-0028 Comments James Beyer 07/07/2020 Iowa Honey Producers
View    4084509 RMU-2020-0028 Comments Jane Stimson 07/07/2020 Jane Stimson
View    4084028 RMU-2020-0028 Reply Comments Wallace L. Taylor 07/06/2020 Sierra Club Iowa Chapter
View    4084375 RMU-2020-0028 Reply Comments Christina L Gruenhagen 07/06/2020 Iowa Farm Bureau Federation
View    4084321 RMU-2020-0028 Reply Comments Bret A Dublinske 07/06/2020 Invenergy LLC
View    4084315 RMU-2020-0028 Reply Comments Bret A Dublinske 07/06/2020 Apex Clean Energy
View    4084303 RMU-2020-0028 Reply Comments Office of Consumer Advocate 07/06/2020 Office of Consumer Advocate
View    4084268 RMU-2020-0028 Reply Comments Joshua T. Mandelbaum 07/06/2020 Environmental Law & Policy Center~Iowa Environmental Council
View    4084182 RMU-2020-0028 Comments Dennis Youngkin 07/06/2020 Dennis Youngkin
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