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    Filing ID Docket Number Filing Title Submitter Name Date Filed Submitting Parties
View    4155739 HLP-2014-0001 Insurance Policies Brant Leonard 11/17/2020 Dakota Access, LLC
View    4091996 HLP-2014-0001 Insurance Policy Extensions Brant Leonard 08/18/2020 Dakota Access, LLC
View    4085575 HLP-2014-0001 Objection Kathy Byrnes 07/13/2020 Kathy Byrnes
View    4085353 HLP-2014-0001 Objection Susan Petra 07/10/2020 Susan Petra
View    4084782 HLP-2014-0001 Correspondence Ed Fallon 07/08/2020 Ed Fallon
View    4066737 HLP-2014-0001 Order Denying Request for Reconsideration Iowa Utilities Board 05/13/2020 Iowa Utilities Board
View    4065373 HLP-2014-0001 Order Issuing Amended Permit and Granting Extension Iowa Utilities Board 05/08/2020 Iowa Utilities Board
View    4062867 HLP-2014-0001 Compliance Filing in Response to Board Order Filed March 27, 2020 Bret A Dublinske 04/27/2020 Dakota Access, LLC
View    4062855 HLP-2014-0001 Compliance Filing in Response to Board Order Dated March 27, 2020 Bret A Dublinske 04/27/2020 Dakota Access, LLC
View    4062845 HLP-2014-0001 Resistance to Motion for Reconsideration Bret A Dublinske 04/27/2020 Dakota Access, LLC
View    4061004 HLP-2014-0001 Application for Reconsideration Attachment Wallace L. Taylor 04/14/2020 Sierra Club Iowa Chapter
View    4060974 HLP-2014-0001 Application for Reconsideration Wallace L. Taylor 04/13/2020 Sierra Club Iowa Chapter
View    4060691 HLP-2014-0001 Motion for Extension and Clarification of the Board's March 27, 2020 Order Bret A Dublinske 04/10/2020 Dakota Access, LLC
View    4055686 HLP-2014-0001 Order Granting Waiver Request, Addressing Notice, Addressing Contact Information, and Granting Amendment to Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Permit Iowa Utilities Board 03/27/2020 Iowa Utilities Board
View    4049093 HLP-2014-0001 Response to Cumulative Filings in DAPL Request to Increase Oil Shipment Volumes John Zakrasek 03/02/2020 John Zakrasek
View    4048086 HLP-2014-0001 Reply to DAPL's Response to the Board's January 13, 2020, Order Requesting Additional Information Wallace L. Taylor 02/26/2020 Sierra Club Iowa Chapter
View    4044069 HLP-2014-0001 Response to Request Regarding Contact Information Bret A Dublinske 02/13/2020 Dakota Access, LLC
View    4043996 HLP-2014-0001 Response to Board Order Requesting Additional Information Bret A Dublinske 02/12/2020 Dakota Access, LLC
View    4039802 HLP-2014-0001 Request Regarding Contact Information John M. Murray 01/23/2020 Northwest Iowa Landowners Association
View    4039811 HLP-2014-0001 Objection Mary Antes 01/23/2020 Mary Antes
View    4039774 HLP-2014-0001 Objection Rosalind Andersen 01/23/2020 Rosalind Andersen
View    4038555 HLP-2014-0001 Response to Board Order Office of Consumer Advocate 01/15/2020 Office of Consumer Advocate
View    4038408 HLP-2014-0001 Objection Dorothy Hogg 01/15/2020 Dorothy Hogg
View    4038105 HLP-2014-0001 Order Addressing Petition for Amendment and Requiring Response Iowa Utilities Board 01/13/2020 Iowa Utilities Board
View    4037943 HLP-2014-0001 Resolution Requesting Hearing Lucy Martin 01/10/2020 Story County
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