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  Welcome to the Iowa Utilities Board's Electronic Filing System (EFS). Use the links and the menu items on this page to search for documents filed with or issued by the IUB on or after January 2, 2009, or to make regulatory filings with the IUB.

Searching for Information
  • Do I need a user ID to search for information in the EFS?
  • What searches are available in the EFS?
  • How is the EFS organized?
  • How do I find Board orders issued prior to the EFS?

    How and What to File in the EFS
  • Do I need a user ID to file information in the EFS?
  • How do I make regulatory filings in the EFS?
  • How do I register for a user ID in the EFS?
  • How do I file a consumer complaint?
  • How do I file comments or objections in certain dockets such as rate cases (RPU), generating certificate dockets (GCU), or others?

    Searching for Information Information is organized in the EFS by docket and filing and can be searched by anyone with a computer connection to the Internet. A user ID is helpful in filing but is not needed to access any public information filed with the IUB on or after January 2, 2009. Confidential information is not available through the EFS.

    The search menu items at the top of this page lead to searches for
    dockets, filings, documents, tariffs, and companies. Within each search type, there are several ways to narrow the search and limit the results returned. See below for information on how the EFS is organized.

    The Summary of Orders and Filings search will return a list of many of the filings made with the IUB as well as all the orders issued by the IUB by date for a day or a time period since January 2, 2009.

    Click here to search for Board Orders issued between April 12, 1999, and January 1, 2009. Board Orders prior to April 12, 1999, are not available electronically.

    Electronic Filing
    The EFS allows for electronic submission of consumer complaints, applications, comments and objections, petitions, motions, and other filings by guest users and registered users. The Board may require any user who will make regular or numerous filings with the Board to establish an account as a registered user.

    Exceptions to the Electronic Filing Requirement
    As provided by 199 IAC 14.2, electronic filing is mandatory as of January 2, 2009, with the following exceptions: (1) Filings made by any person who has been excused from the requirement by board order; (2) Filings made in proceedings initiated before the effective date of the electronic filing requirement; (3) Informal consumer complaints; (4) Written objections to applications for electric transmission line franchises, pipeline permits, or hazardous liquid pipeline permits; (5) Comments from persons in any other proceeding in which comments from the public are permitted; (6) Payment of required fees. Any payment required at the time of filing of a document must be delivered to the board's records and information center in person or by first-class mail or other delivery service. (199 IAC 14.4(1) - 14.4(6))

    Consumer Complaints
    Consumer complaints may be filed in several ways and will not initially be published in EFS. File an informal complaint by:
  • using the online Customer Complaint Form;
  • letter addressed to Executive Secretary, Iowa Utilities Board, 1375 East Court Avenue RM 69, Des Moines, IA 50319-0069;
  • email to customer@iub.iowa.gov; or
  • telephone at 1-877-565-4450

    If a formal complaint proceeding is initiated, information from the original informal customer complaint will become part of the record in the formal proceeding and information from the informal complaint may then be published in the EFS.
      For more information, please see the following links:

    About the EFS
  • What is the EFS?
  • How to File Electronically

    Registration and Account Information
  • Requesting a User Name and Password
  • Register
  • Update User Account

  • Download the EFS Guest User's Guide
  • Download the EFS Registered User's Guide
  • Administrative Rules Regarding Electronic Filing
  • Hardware and Software Recommendations
  • EFS System Filing Standards *New
  • FAQs *New

    Contact the EFS Help Desk:
             Iowa Utilities Board
             Phone: (515) 725-7337
             E-Mail: EFS Help Desk
             Business and support hours:
                      Monday through Friday
                      8 am to 4:30 pm
                      except State Holidays

    Comments and Objections
    Comments and objections in certain dockets such as rate cases (RPU), generating certificate dockets (GCU), or others may be:
  • filed using the EFS;
  • sent by letter referencing the appropriate docket number and addressed to Executive Secretary, Iowa Utilities Board, 1375 East Court Avenue RM 69, Des Moines, IA 50319-0069; or
  • filed using an online comment form created on the IUB Web site for the docket of interest.

    How is the EFS Organized?
    The EFS organizes documents in dockets and filings.

    docket is a set of one or more filings, each containing one or more documents. Docket types are intended to reflect the general content of the case and pertinent procedural characteristics. Click here for a list of docket types.

    A filing is a set of one or more documents submitted together and related to a particular docket.

    Documents are the heart of the EFS. There are several ways to find public documents and several ways to narrow the search, including by docket, filing, document title, submitting party, or document type. Click here for a list of document types.

    The EFS also contains information about utility companies, as well as electronic versions of the tariff books for regulated companies that are required to have tariff books on file with the IUB.